Ophir Kra-Oz, Co-founder and VP of Products for CloudShare (www.cloudshare.com), says:

Self-service cloud platform: useful for today’s small to midsized enterprise.
An on-demand self-service cloud platform is ideal for running demonstrations, proofs-of-concept, technical evaluations, and training. CloudShare Pro and ProPlus, designed for individual users, teams and small- and midsize businesses, use CloudShare to create virtual data centers for application development and testing, demos, proofs of concept, deployment of enterprise IT/applications and training. Moreover, with CloudShare, businesses experience major cost and time savings because there is no need to staff up the IT department or invest in hardware, servers, etc.

The ProPlus.
CloudShare ProPlus is designed for developers, IT professionals, consultants and other individuals and small teams to instantly create, share and manage multiple copies of complex, virtual IT environments in the cloud. It includes all the features of the free CloudShare Pro product including:

• “Drag and drop” file sharing from your desktop
• Ability to invite peers, customers, or prospects to share your environment
• Create a Multi-VM networked environment
• On-demand environment snapshots
• Collaborate and get support from our community forum
• Quickly upload your own VM based on our templates with our patent-pending FastUpload™ capability
• Your choice of up to three VMs with preinstalled OSs and apps: Choose from CentOS 5, CentOS 5 with KDE, CentOS 5 with MySQL, CentOS 5 with RubyOnRails, Xubuntu 8 Desktop, Xubuntu 8.04 Desktop, Windows 2003 R2 with Oracle 11g, Windows 2008 with Active Directory, Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise, Windows Server 2008 Enterprise, Windows Server 2008 R2 Ent 64Bit, plus one of the following: Windows 7 Pro, Windows XP Pro with Office 2010, Windows XP Professional, Windows XP with Office 2007

Plus the following additional features:
• Larger, editable RAM and disk space (up to 10 GB and 300 GB total)
• Larger suite of preinstalled operating systems and applications including Linux, Win Server 2003-2008, Windows XP and Windows 7, SharePoint 2010, Oracle 11g and more
• Available using up to six virtual machines
CloudShare ProPlus is generally available now at introductory, all-inclusive pricing of $49 per month for unlimited hours.

How can data center/IT managers benefit from this type of environment?