The Southeast United States is brimming with hyperscale and enterprise activity which has brought an influx in data center operators. Such high volume leads to pressure on the demand for connectivity, especially in underserved areas across the region. DC BLOX, a leading multi-tenant data center infrastructure and connectivity provider, recently selected proven fiber optic manufacturer OFS to help increase connectivity options between South Carolina and Georgia. 

In this continued partnership, OFS will provide DC BLOX’s Myrtle Beach Cable Landing Station (CLS) with state-of-the-art fiber cabling for its terrestrial network extension. The CLS, which DC BLOX broke ground on during October of 2022, is a major development for the Myrtle Beach and Southeast markets which provides space for five international subsea cables. From the CLS, DC BLOX is constructing a terrestrial, high-capacity East-to-West dark fiber cable route – the first of its kind in the region- which will span from South Carolina to Georgia. OFS will provide this route with its leading fiber optic cables, which are being manufactured at local facilities. The fiber route will stretch from the CLS in Myrtle Beach, SC, through Charleston, Augusta, and Atlanta, and land in Lithia Springs, Georgia. Across the route, eight strategically located network aggregation facilities will provide cloud computing, wireless services, broadband access, and more to underserved communities. 

DC BLOX and OFS have a longstanding partnership which has displayed successful cooperation in the past, with this project as the latest. The dark fiber route and CLS will help accomplish DC BLOX’s goal of delivering reliable and secure data centers to underserved Southeast communities and help bridge the connectivity gap. DC BLOX is continuing to expand the region’s digital infrastructure and provide local solutions with global capabilities. 

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