The Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii (RCUH) has awarded an RFP to Ocean Networks (ONI), to conduct site surveys for Cable Landing Stations (CLS) to land subsea cables to connect the Hawaiian Islands.

The CLS Site Surveys will play a huge role in identifying the necessary factors for successful connections. Finding potential cable landing stations will be vital, and this will take place in four main locations: Kauai, Oahu, Maui and the Big Island. It will be necessary for no less than two sites to inhabit each island in order for success. The goal of the new network is to position the Hawaiian Islands for long-term economic growth.

University of Hawaii VPIT & CIO, Garret Yoshimi said, “the resulting network will be carrier-neutral, and sufficiently robust to support all manner of telecommunications carrier and enterprise traffic, including anticipated future high-capacity demands supporting  healthcare, education, research, public service, commerce and government uses.”

The fundamental mission of RCUH is to enhance research, development, and training in Hawaii. The Ocean Networks team will be an important asset for RCUH due to their significant industry experience, with some work specifically in the Hawaiian Islands. ONI will leverage its knowledge of Hawaiian cabling and its industry expertise to determine the safest and most effective routing for submarine cabling.

“We are delighted to collaborate with the RCUH and proud that ONI has been selected to perform this initial step towards the implementation of a new undersea cable system that will provide critical improvement to the broadband infrastructure for the state of Hawaii,” said Cliff Miyake, VP Business Development at Ocean Networks. 

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