NYI is a leading provider of hybrid infrastructure, network, and interconnection solutions, known for cutting through the complexity of the IT landscape and facilitating custom solutions to address the critical infrastructure and connectivity needs of clients across industries. Now the company is taking their business even further by expanding their 60 Hudson Street operations, which will double its datacenter footprint and immediately expand the carrier ecosystem available to customers. This expansion is the result of a joint venture with QTD Systems, who acquired the Equinix space in a transaction that closed on August 1, 2022.

NYI Co-Founder and COO, Phillip Koblence, knows just how invaluable the role 60 Hudson Street plays for global carriers in New York City is, especially in terms of meeting customers’ growing connectivity needs. “With this integration, NYI grows in its ability to serve as the premier facilitator of access to this global interconnection gateway while making deployments at 60 Hudson Street simpler and more cost effective,” says Koblence.

Additional conduit infrastructure and access to POE’s is a huge benefit from this integration and will help provide unparalleled capacity and reach in NYC’s most connected building. Together with NYI’s existing in-building capabilities, customers will now have access to more space and power, along with unmatched levels of resilience as they deploy their interconnection strategy. 

In addition to the benefits received by NYI and their customers, telecommunication providers and carriers will benefit from seamless and cost-effective access to NYI’s expanded in-building conduit infrastructure and additional points of entry. NYI hopes to level the playing field, making interconnection at 60 Hudson Street simpler and more accessible from both a deployment and cost perspective, for carriers, content providers, and enterprises of all sizes.

Peter Feldman, CEO of QTD Systems adds, “I look forward to NYI’s continued quality of services and their building upon Equinix’s 60 Hudson NY8 infrastructure in driving the future of interconnection.”