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Northern France is Becoming a Hotspot for European Data Center DevelopmentFrance is quietly becoming a leading hotspot for data center development in Europe, with experts predicting that the French data center market will grow approximately 20 percent by 2020, and the northern region of the country leading the way.

Recently, global data center developer and operator Etix Everywhere expanded its network of local data centers by signing a partnership with Eura DC, a joint venture between ARD-COM and ATE, two companies firmly anchored in the north of France. With its Tier 3-plus architecture, the new data center, Etix Lille #1, will meet the highest industry standards. This is consistent with all of Etix Everywhere’s global facilities.

At first, Etix Lille will host 100 racks. In the long term, the facility will offer an IT capacity of 1,200 kVA, featuring four IT rooms of 240 square meters, and provide 200 square meters of office space. Etix’s modular architecture ensures that each additional module will be deployed in 16 weeks, which will enable the company to quickly meet local demand.

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