Tony Di Benedetto, managing partner at Data Centers Canada (, says:

Data Centers Canada, a Canadian based data center owner / operator has announced that it has commenced construction to expand its Toronto North Data Center Facility. Data Centers Canada Toronto North Facility is located within the Greater Toronto Area in the City of Vaughan.

The Toronto North Facility will expand to 20,000 square feet commented Tony Di Benedetto, Managing Partner at Data Centers Canada. The Phase 4 POD expansion will add additional capacity to house a mixture of private cabinet and cage environments. The Phase 4 POD area will accommodate up to 300 watts per square foot power density.

“We are very pleased with our continued expansion of our Toronto North Facility.”, noted Di Benedetto. “We have worked very hard in creating a scalable, flexible solution for enterprises who seek to expand their data center footprint in the Canadian Geography over the past several years.”

Diverse Meet-Me-Room’s within the facility allow tenants access to both leading Canadian and global fiber networks. Data Centers Canada offers its tenants access to both its multi-homed BGP network access platform as well as access to third party carriers via a carrier neutral colocation solution.

“Our carrier partners have worked diligently with our engineering group to enhance connectivity options for our clients.”, commented Di Benedetto. “Tenants at Toronto North can easily and cost effectively interconnect with a wide range of both Canadian and global fiber networks to address their business requirements.”, added Di Benedetto.

The Toronto North Facility utilizes a variety of green technologies to enhance its power and cooling infrastructures. Data Centers Canada is focused on its green data center program in collaboration with PowerStream the second largest municipally-owned electricity distribution company in Ontario. Green technologies such as; free air cooling and air containment / air distribution systems will be built into the data center environment.

It is anticipated that the Phase 4 POD construction will be completed by March 2012.