Rick Stevenson, CEO, Opengear, says:

Managing remote data centers, colocation facilities, and network exchange points can often leave network administrators at their wits’ end – and that’s before the network connection goes down. The last thing administrators need to worry about is the reliability of their connection, but unfortunately many of them find themselves spending far too much time ensuring a connection or scrambling to re-connect a downed network.

A new product aims to fix this state of affairs. The Opengear IM7200, a brand-new product family introduced at Cisco Live on June 25, provides administrators with a powerful and reliable out-of-band system that should ease many of their worries about network failures. It allows for secure remote management of all rack infrastructure from anywhere in the world, via a single pane of glass.
The IM7200 is the first out-of-band infrastructure management system to combine 4G LTE and fiber, providing a degree of flexibility and speed that is unmatched in today’s market. The IM7200 allows for the secure remote management of network, server, and power infrastructure in high-density computing environments, ensuring that businesses can keep critical systems running smoothly even in the event of network outages or impairment.

The integration of 4G LTE gives the IM7200 unparalleled speed and responsiveness, allowing network outages to be diagnosed and troubleshot within seconds of the incident via Opengear’s integrated Auto-Response system.

And the IM7200’s incorporation of dual SFP fiber and/or gigabit Ethernet interfaces gives the IM7200 the ability to operate on a fiber-based management network, reducing the points of failure associated with fiber media converters or top-of-rack management switch solutions. The fiber interface also reduces total cost of ownership, and improves reliability.

Other features include advanced console management; a state-of-the-art platform driven by a 1 GHz ARM processor that’s twice as fast as that of any competing product; software configurable serial ports and integrated hardware that eliminates the need for costly additional appliances; and centralized management for easy enterprise-wide deployments.

Opengear has been in the remote infrastructure management business for nearly a decade, and we truly believe that the IM7200 represents a major advance in helping companies maintain business continuity – whether the network is running or not.

Learn more about the Opengear IM7200 here.