With connectivity demands continuing to be on the upswing, Aqua Comms’ second Trans-Atlantic System, America Europe Connect-2 (AEC-2), now ready for service, is a boon for companies looking to fortify their networks with route diversity, resiliency, increased capacity and performance.

AEC-2 is the second fully operational Trans-Atlantic system (AEC-1 was launched in 2016).  This new system is completely diverse from the first leg with fiber connectivity routed between the U.S. in Wall, NJ at NJFX’s carrier-neutral cable landing station and Tier 3 colocation facility, completely bypassing Manhattan enroute to Denmark.  This new system, directly connecting North America to Denmark is the first system in 20 years to do so. The system also routes around the United Kingdom, offering complete diversity from European traditional landing points on both continents.

According to the company’s press release issued on December 1, 2020, “AEC-2 was designed for complete redundancy and diversity to support key data centre connectivity routes across the North Atlantic. These include connecting key US locations such as Ashburn, VA and 165 Halsey Street in New Jersey to Copenhagen in Denmark and the wider Nordic region as well as critical existing locations throughout Europe including Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Hamburg.”

Nigel Bayliff, the company’s CEO alludes to the company’s global ambitions remarking, “As part of Aqua Comms’ expansion in the North Atlantic and across the globe, we are delighted to launch our second Trans-Atlantic cable, AEC-2, providing a new and diverse route that supports the critical data centre markets in the US and Northern Europe.”

To learn more about Aqua Comms, AEC-1 and AEC-2, the company’s dual-path subsea fiber optic cable systems visit: www.aquacomms.com.