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Ilissa Miller, CEO, iMiller Public Relations, says:

Your enterprise has a lot to consider when choosing a Disaster / Workplace Recovery solution and Business Continuity plan.  You want to make sure that you trust the facility and staff that you are working with so that in the event of a catastrophe, you have no reservations about who is storing your data or serving as an alternate workplace when your location is off-limits.

If you are actively looking for a Business Continuity or Disaster / Workplace Recovery solution for your enterprise, Lam Cloud wants to meet you.  The New Jersey-based company is pleased to announce it will be holding an open house at its Lam Cloud Technology Campus in Cranbury, N.J. on Thursday, Nov. 14th.  It will be an opportunity for a day of networking, learning, touring the facility and seeing all of the Disaster and Work Area recovery options available to you.

With 3,000 Work Area Recovery positions available, guaranteed shared seating options and a full range of executive suites, meeting rooms and private offices, Lam Cloud is the largest Workplace Recovery Center in New Jersey.  The 500,000-square-foot technology campus sits on 42 acres over a 500-year flood plain and offers diverse power and diesel generation.  Furthermore, the facility offers VoIP and network services necessary for serving as a viable home for your enterprise should disaster strike.

Lam Cloud created its multi-tiered portfolio of Flexible Workplace and Disaster Recoverysolutions specifically for the small and mid-sized business market, in direct response to widespread dissatisfaction with the fixed, monotonous offerings rendered by existing providers.  This product set by Lam Cloud is one of a kind in the industry.  It has been designed to provide customers with the best possible solution based on their unique service level and specific fee structure requirements.

Lam Cloud also offers an on-site Colocation data center so that in the event of an emergency, business can continue seamlessly without interruption.  Lam Cloud’s Colocation offerings include full cabinets, bandwidth, IPs and power.

The open house will feature guest speakers Marvin Wainschel, CEO of McWains Chealsea, Inc., as well as Paul Sullivan, Agility Recovery Services’ Vice President and General Manager.  Additionally, there will be a guest appearance by Andrew Blum, author of the book “Tubes: a Journey to the Center of the Internet.”

Attendees will have the opportunity to meet and network with technology leaders from across the industry while participating in educational seminars and discussions.  To register for the event, or for additional information, please click here.