Originally posted to TelecomNewsroom

Data center owner and operator New Continuum Holdings Corporation, operator of New Continuum Data Centers and United IX, recently announced that ISI Communications, Inc. (ISI) relocated their network core (as well as their primary critical service functions) to New Continuum’s West Chicago facility.

ISI Communications chose New Continuum’s flagship facility due to its flexibility, ample power redundancy and optimized cooling to maximize server density. As a leader in defining next generation, multi-tenant data center services, New Continuum’s data center also offers rich connectivity options and superior traffic routing as a result of its partnership with United IX, a network neutral software-enabled interconnection platform.

As a long time neighbor to the data center, ISI has been serving the regional Illinois community with its presence in the same business park as New Continuum’s facility for over 10 years. Now that ISI has relocated their network core, its new connections to United IX will enable customers (a range of government agencies, institutions and local businesses) in rural Northern and Western Illinois communities to enjoy optimized IP and transport traffic routing. With ISI’s unique network reach, delivering communications and connectivity services to rural and regional Illinois, New Continuum’s advanced edge service capabilities will bolster the company’s ability to deliver value in an edge computing model.

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