Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Rich Miller.

IMG_0834Our things are getting smarter and more powerful, bringing the computing power of the cloud into devices in our pockets. The trend is enabled by advances in hardware and software, as startups and cloud platforms alike seek to capitalize on the disruptive changes in the technology landscape.

The power of these new chips and devices will help shape America’s evolving IT infrastructure, moving more workloads and tasks to the very edge of the network. The Internet of Things (ioT) and artificial intelligence (AI) are bringing intelligence to mobile devices and industrial equipment, shifting computing power and algorithms to devices to smartphones and tablets, as well as appliances on factory floors and hospitals.

“You can now put more computational ability at the very edge of the network, essentially making it as if the cloud is in your back pocket,” said Ed Chan, Senior VP for Technology Strategy at Verizon, at a recent conference. “That’s kind of how we envision the way that 5G (next-generation connectivity) is going to change the world.”

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