Columbus, Ohio, is an emerging market for technology giants and hyperscalers to set up new data centers. Its geographic location makes the city a valuable hub for telecommunications companies because it easily reaches several major cities, including New York and Washington DC. To support such projects, companies require reliable network infrastructure capabilities from seasoned experts to sustain their growth. Network Connex, a nationwide leader in providing infrastructure solutions and network design, is the go-to for many enterprises active in Columbus and looks to grow its stake in the area. 

Network Connex is excited to expand its outreach in Columbus because of the city’s rising influence in data center, network, and wireless markets. With major telecommunications players such as AT&T, Comcast, T-Mobile, and Verizon already clients, Network Connex is experienced both nationally and locally in providing network solutions. Current customers and potential clients alike have expressed interest in furthering and obtaining Network Connex’s services in the region. Data center operators and colocation providers trust them with design, rack, cabling, and more, as seen in their proven track record across 28 locations nationwide.

Network Connex recently exhibited at  Data Center World 2022. Visitors learned about Network Connex and how operators can best use networking experts in data centers. To learn more visit:

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