Netrality Data Centers, the largest privately held owner and operator of core interconnection facilities in the U.S., has exciting news for its customers in the Houston area. They have announced a significant expansion of their connectivity ecosystem at the 1301 Fannin data center through a strategic partnership with MOD Mission Critical, a global infrastructure Platform as a Service (PaaS) company. This collaboration brings MOD PaaSPortTM, a powerful multi-facility, multi cloud, and multi-network ecosystem platform, to the bustling data center in Houston, Texas.

Enhancing Connectivity with MOD PaaSPortTM

MOD Mission Critical’s deployment at the 1301 Fannin data center introduces customers to the advanced capabilities of MOD PaaSPortTM. This innovative platform offers a comprehensive suite of managed colocation, bare metal, and connectivity solutions. Customers gain access to a user-friendly interface that facilitates the seamless ordering of multi cloud, hybrid cloud, and private cloud connectivity solutions on a global scale. Additionally, MOD PaaSPortTM empowers companies to deploy multi-facility and multi-networking solutions with ease, making it an ideal choice for businesses of any size.

By joining forces with MOD Mission Critical, Netrality Data Centers solidifies its commitment to providing customers with diverse and high-quality managed solutions. This partnership is a testament to the companies’ shared dedication to fostering a robust and reliable ecosystem that drives customer success.

Advantages for Customers

The integration of MOD PaaSPortTM into the 1301 Fannin facility opens up a world of opportunities for customers seeking advanced colocation and interconnection solutions. MOD Mission Critical’s fractional service offerings complement the already expansive range of services available at the data center. Whether a company requires a single rack unit with 10 Gbps of Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) or comprehensive managed services, the combined capabilities of Netrality and MOD present flexible and scalable options.

CEO’s Perspective

Michael Hollander, the Chief Executive Officer at MOD Mission Critical, is enthusiastic about the collaboration. He highlights how the MOD PaaSPortTM platform further strengthens 1301 Fannin’s position as a globally accessible hub for cloud, connectivity, and managed services. The partnership enhances the data center’s status as one of Houston’s most fiber-dense and network-neutral facilities.

Amber Caramella’s Vision

Amber Caramella, Chief Revenue Officer at Netrality Data Centers, shares her excitement for the partnership. She emphasizes that Netrality’s dedication to delivering comprehensive managed solutions aligns perfectly with MOD Mission Critical’s offerings. This alignment promises collaborative opportunities that will undoubtedly benefit their mutual customers.

A Milestone for MOD Mission Critical

This partnership marks a significant milestone for MOD Mission Critical, as it represents their first data center partnership in the Houston metro area. The choice to collaborate with Netrality Data Centers underscores the reputation and reliability of 1301 Fannin as a preferred data center facility in the region. As a 24-story, approximately 1.1 million square feet facility, 1301 Fannin provides unparalleled interconnectivity, resiliency, and business continuity for carriers, service providers, and enterprise customers across Houston.

Netrality Data Centers’ addition of MOD Mission Critical and the introduction of MOD PaaSPortTM to the 1301 Fannin data center in Houston represents a game-changing development for businesses in the region. The partnership creates a robust and globally accessible ecosystem, catering to businesses of all sizes and offering a diverse range of cloud, connectivity, and managed services. With a commitment to providing high-quality solutions and fostering customer success, this collaboration sets a new standard for interconnection facilities in the U.S.

To explore the enhanced offerings of Netrality’s 1301 Fannin facility, visit: Netrality Data Centers – 1301 Fannin.