Tom Nikl, Product Marketing Manager at NComputing, says:

Desktop virtualization technology is redefining the way IT works today and continues to take the global market by storm. With ongoing market pressures, continued rolling budget constraints and an increasing mobile workforce, desktop virtualization enables virtual work styles to prevail and has proven its effectiveness to reduce technology capital and operating expenses, improve agility, and ensure business continuity. What’s more, it is also an environmentally-friendly solution – consuming significantly lower power resources than PCs, which consume far too much electricity and generate excessive e-waste to be considered an eco-friendly solution by today’s standards.

At NComputing, we focus on accelerating the adoption of desktop virtualization in the enterprise – simply, effectively and economically. We recently announced the latest major release of our award-winning N-series thin clients for Citrix HDX. With this announcement, NComputing is extending the benefits of desktop virtualization for Citrix customers across key verticals including, but not limited to, healthcare, manufacturing, financial services and higher education.

With our new N-series for Citrix thin client release, we’ve moved to further capitalize on our relationship with Citrix to make virtualization even more affordable, more powerful and more transformative for businesses than ever before. In a nutshell, we’re partnered with Citrix to transform the economics of virtualization and provide all users with a high-quality HDX experience

Since its initial release in May 2012, the N-series challenged the perception of what a thin client could deliver to Citrix XenDesktop®, Citrix XenApp® and Citrix VDI-in-a-Box users across industries, setting new standards for price and performance. Our new release delivers new levels of flexibility and power that help round out the solution stack for customers using the N-series as the cornerstone for industry specific use-cases instead of traditional PCs, laptops or more expensive thin clients for Citrix HDX environments.

The new N-series release also features world-class security authentication through a partnership with Imprivata, the #1 independent provider of single sign-on management solutions for healthcare, government, finance and other regulated industries. This partnership features the integration of Imprivata’s OneSign Authentication Management technology for single sign-on, authentication, secure and fast user switching for shared workstations and no click access to virtual desktops. The combination enables valuable and impactful industry-specific desktop virtualization use-cases, opening up new markets for the company and its channel of N-series partners and resellers.

Additionally, the new N-series extends the core value of the product by supporting a number of important USB options, including local or remote USB redirection by device type, serial and parallel peripheral support via USB adapter, multiple USB or IP scanners and printers and more, to enable specific industry use cases. For example, the N-series can now be used for healthcare applications requiring support for specialized scanners and imagers, teller workstations in banking and finance applications requiring check reader and barcode scanning equipment, or in manufacturing environments where peripheral and system connectivity via parallel or serial interface is needed.

Additional enhancements include leveraging the newest Citrix Receiver for Linux firmware, which is integrated seamlessly in the new N-series firmware 1.4 release. This ensures a rich, optimized and well-managed HDX user experience that lets organizations take better advantage of multimedia audio and video environments.

vSpace Management Center for N-series, the web-based management console used to centrally manage an N-series deployment, also had a new release in parallel, which extends and enhances the capabilities that IT has to manage their N-series deployment. These enhancements, as well as increased scalability, help IT keep their N-series deployments running smoothly for maximum end-user productivity.

NComputing and Citrix continue to transform the economics of desktop virtualization. This latest release is in direct response to the continued demand we’re seeing in every single market we serve, and keeps us well ahead of the competition. Our vision is to enable wider adoption of the HDX experience and desktop virtualization for all.

Tom Nikl is a product marketing manager at NComputing. Prior to joining NComputing, Tom worked as a product marketing manager at VMware and Wanova (purchased by VMware in May of 2012), and as a product manager at Citrix.