Mike Pagani, Director of Product Marketing at NComputing, says:

Market pressures, budget constraints and an increasingly mobile workforce are driving organizations of all sizes to consider desktop virtualization as a viable computing alternative to traditional, costly PCs. According to industry analyst research, the worldwide market for hosted virtual desktops is forecasted to increase immensely by the end of this year.

Through a unique combination of simplicity, performance and value, NComputing removes the typical adoption barriers for desktop virtualization so it can be used as a solution for high priority IT initiatives including mobility, BYOD and migrations to Windows 7 and Windows 8. In addition, new software support offerings ensure customers realize maximum value on their investment, both initially and on-going.

NComputing is the leader in accelerating the adoption of desktop virtualization, with solutions in use by more than 20 million daily users in 140 countries. Our innovative vSpace Desktop and Application Virtualization platform was designed for simplified manageability, increased scalability, a rich user experience, and is cost-optimized to maximize IT budgets and technology investments. It is a fully integrated, end-to-end solution, bringing the many benefits of desktop and application virtualization to organizations worldwide and increases productivity by enabling users to securely work from anywhere and on any device. Further, the technology delivers a compelling ROI for IT by reducing hardware and energy costs, simplifying deployment, and significantly reducing ongoing management costs.

The newest enhancements to the vSpace virtualization platform includes:

vSpace Server 7.0 for Windows – Deployed by more than 50,000 customers and used daily by more than 20 million users, vSpace Server is NComputing’s virtualization software that resides on a stand-alone PC, a server, or within a virtual machine hosted in a datacenter; enabling IT to centralize and virtualize end user access and management of computing resources for desktops and applications. The current release adds many new features including the ability to manage multiple vSpace Server environments from a single vSpace Management Center interface. vSpace Server 7.0 for Windows enables a richer user experience by incorporating significant performance improvements for USB-based peripherals and support for isochronous devices, such as web-cams. In addition, this release includes direct access and management of secure smart cards used in conjunction with NComputing L Series- and M-Series thin client devices connected to vSpace Server 7.0 powered virtualization environments.

vSpace Management Center 3.2.1 for vSpace Environments – For organizations deploying NComputing thin client devices connected to vSpace Server 7.0, vSpace Management Center delivers a highly scalable, flexible and easy to use single point of device management. An intuitive web-based interface lets IT administrators manage NComputing L300 and M300 devices and vSpace Server 7.0 instances from anywhere, anytime, reducing the overhead needed to maintain and control an environment, regardless of the size, location or number of deployment sites.

vSpace Standard and Premium Software Support and Subscription Programs – Extending the basic one year support included in all NComputing products; new Standard and Premium support programs are now available for vSpace Server and vSpace Management Center software offerings. Each of the new packages provide enhanced levels of access to software upgrades and NComputing support. The Standard Support package provides access to software upgrades and unlimited email or phone support during local business hours. For customers with complex environments or who need NComputing support always on hand, the Premium Support package delivers regular software upgrades, enhanced response times, and access to NComputing support 24x7x365.

vSpace is a simple, powerful, affordable and scalable desktop and application virtualization platform providing reliable, secure access to critical applications needed everyday. The value of vSpace goes far beyond being an alternative for PC expansions or refresh projects; it can also be leveraged to provide cost-effective and efficient solutions for high priority initiatives such as adding mobility and BYOD to IT strategies, and dramatically simplifies the migration from legacy environments such as Windows XP or Windows Server 2008 to Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012.

Mike Pagani has more than 20 years of IT industry experience spanning computer software, hardware and networking solutions. Mike has broad, in-depth desktop virtualization knowledge and experience. Prior to joining NComputing in February of 2011, he had global responsibility for Product Marketing within Quest Software’s Desktop Virtualization Group. Mike has also held senior executive level strategic technology and marketing positions within a diverse set of organizations including Redwood Software, Quad Research, Magellan Software (now OpenText) and Stay-Linked. Mike is a leading industry expert and has spoken at several conferences including Interop and Brian Madden Desktop Virtualization Days.