Blake Sanders technology writer for Broadband Expert, says:

The development of viable smartphone apps has grown to a level where they are beneficial to more than general consumers. Mobile internet providers and hardware developers have put remote working tools in the palm of our hand, and now data center and IT professionals have dozens of versatile and robust apps they can use to perform their day-to-day duties without being chained to the traditional desktop or laptop computer. We have sorted through the smartphone marketplaces to bring this list of must-have smartphone apps for IT professionals.

FTP On The Go (iPhone)

FTP On The Go is one of the best FTP apps available for the iPhone. The app includes a built-in text editor that has a find and replace feature that also allows configuration of the file permissions (CHMOD). Document files on the FTP server can be viewed, as FTP On The Go supports Excel, Word, Powerpoint and PDF formats. Even image files are supported. Files can be downloaded to the iPhone or uploaded from the iPhone photo library or directly from the camera. Many other features are available that make accessing the FTP server a snap. This is definitely an iPhone app worth purchasing if you are an IT professional or even a regular user that needs server access.

MySQL Database Client (iPhone)

This iPhone app is a streamlined MySQL client that can handle basic queries. Users can browse database tables and view server content. The app works in both landscape and portrait modes and is a very easy-to-use app.

MySQL Editor Pro (iPhone)

This is a more robust MySQL editor that provides a wealth of features that IT professionals will love. It gives iPhone users the editing power that is typically found on a desktop computer. Database tables can be created, managed, viewed, and triggered directly from the app with ease.

Prompt (iPhone)

Prompt is a universal app that works on both the iPhone and iPad. The SSH client provides remote access to servers and has a number of useful features. It has customizable special keys, keyfile support, autocomplete, Bonjour server detection and much more. The app supports DSA/RSA keys and can run in the background. All in all it is a versatile app for IT professionals to have in their virtual toolbox.

Ping A Majig (iPhone)

For IT professionals that need an app to check the ping status of their hostnames, Ping A Majig is the app to have. Multiple hostnames can be checked at the same time and its use as monitoring tool puts it well above the other apps that offer a ping status feature.

bMonitor Server Monitor (Android)

This app for Android smartphones is a very useful tool for keeping IT professionals abreast of their servers when they’re on the go. The app provides server status by using ping, web page or port monitoring. The user can receive a phone call if a server problem arises and multiple phone numbers can be dialed at once. To minimize phone battery usage, the app provides customization options that include the frequency of how often it checks the server status.

Fing (Android)

Fing is a free Android app that provides ping monitoring. Monitoring includes basic ping, traceroute, DNS lookup, and TCP port scan. Fing can be run in multiple scans and the results of the information can be output in several popular formats such as HTML, plain text and CSV logs. The output can be viewed in the app’s console window or through other applications available on the smartphone.

PdaNet (Android)

PdaNet is a useful app for tethering an Android-based smartphone to the phone’s 3G network. IT professionals can avoid costly monthly tethering fees or having to root their phone by using PdaNet to connect their laptop to the smartphone. PdaNet can connect via USB tethering or through Bluetooth dial-up networking. Speeds in excess of 35Mbps can be obtained through the use of the app.

AndFTP (Android)

AndFTP is a free FTP app that gives IT professionals a convenient way to access FTP servers. AndFTP features an FTP services manager, an FTP file browser and a device file browser. In addition to these features, the app can download, upload, set permissions, create folders and perform many other helpful functions.

AndroidVNC (Android)

For IT professionals that desire a way to remotely connect to their LAN and run systems, the AndroidVNC smartphone app gives them a versatile tool to do so. With the use of this app, their Android phone becomes a direct link to VNC servers that include Apple Remote Desktop, TightVNC, RealVNC and others. This is a great app to remotely use to control actions on the desktop and that of users connected to the network. Best of all, this app is free.

Note: Photo courtesy of nerdsoncall via FlickR Creative Commons.