Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Rich Miller,

More Storage Facebook Retools Design to Boost Disk DensitySANTA CLARA, Calif. – When Facebook updates its storage hardware, the design goal is always “more.” That’s the case with Bryce Canyon, the new storage unit unveiled today at the 2017 Open Compute Summit.

With Bryce Canyon, Facebook has boosted the power and capacity of its storage unit, reworking the chassis to pack in 72 hard disk drives, 12 more than its predecessor Honey Badger unit.

Instead of Honey Badger’s design using four 1U trays of disks laid flat, the Bryce Canyon chassis resembles a tub, with hard drives inserted vertically into a 4U chassis. This allows Facebook to increase the density of its storage units, packing more data into each rack. That additional capacity, multiplied across racks and rows and data halls, helps the company get more mileage out of its vast data center infrastructure.

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