David Messina, Vice President of Product Management & Marketing at Xangati (www.xangati.com), says:

Virtualization technologies represent an enormous growth area in the enterprise data center. Yet existing management tools are inadequate to manage the new virtualized environment. Businesses are extremely hesitant to fully migrate to virtualized environments without comprehensive and real-time visibility into the entire infrastructure (servers, network, storage and end-user devices), as they absolutely need to maintain the same application performance and availability in a virtualized environment that they have today.

Xangati’s infrastructure performance management (IPM) solution gives customers the ability to do this by proactively managing performance and rapidly troubleshooting performance problems – offering unique capabilities that cannot be found in any other solution.

Xangati’s IPM solution is a performance management solution that provides continuous real-time and proactive monitoring of all critical components within a virtual infrastructure (VI). These infrastructure components include servers, network, storage, applications and end user devices. Unlike other solutions, Xangati is able to gather data feeds about all of these IT silos, enabling IT managers to comprehensively track the impact of the virtual infrastructure on application and end-user performance and vice-versa. Xangati’s solution is unique in that it spans both the virtual and physical environment –showing all activity in a single pane of glass. This allows data center and IT managers to be aware of issues outside of the virtual environment that might be impacting VI performance. The system also has a unique capability to trigger a DVR recording of what was happening at the time of a performance problem – for example, what applications and services was a VM running when a CPU began to spike – providing unprecedented troubleshooting.

Xangati’s IPM solution is unique and was designed specifically to enable data center managers to plan, monitor and manage a virtualized environment. It provides three essential components to do so:

• An advanced analytics engine that can process a greater magnitude of information scalable to an unlimited number of physical and virtual devices;
• Immediate and real-time cross-silo information; and
• Visibility into the infrastructure presented in an intuitive and highly customizable way.

Xangati’s IPM solution also is the only virtualization management solution that can deliver equal value in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) implementations (VMview, XenDesktop, etc…) as in server virtualization. For VDI, data center managers need a solution that can provide insights into WAN communication traffic in order to see what issues might be impacting VDI performance. Maintaining performance is critical in VDI as end-user satisfaction has been identified as the top factor in determining the success of any VDI deployment.

For server virtualization, a robust management solution is required to provide the comprehensive insights needed to give data center managers the confidence to migrate business-critical applications to the virtual environment.

Xangati offers a free version of their software on their website at http://xangati.com/try-it-free/