Mark Tullio

Mark Tullio, Vice President, Worldwide Marketing, Lantronix, says:

With the explosive growth of social networking, cloud computing and the Internet of Things, ensuring uptime and optimization of IT equipment is now more critical than ever to data centers.  We all know that IT equipment downtime can significantly impact revenue, customer satisfaction and brand loyalty – and with the often-staggering resources it takes to support large data centers and test labs, the last thing IT managers need is the added expense associated with a truck roll.

The new Lantronix SLC 8000 was designed with the bottom line in mind – to deliver a combination of modularity, high-level security and affordability that will provide a strong return on investment and allow you to keep the focus on your business.  So how does it work?

The SLC 8000 modular console manager provides secure in-band and out-of-band management to allow you to centrally manage, monitor and troubleshoot IT equipment locally or from anywhere over the Internet.  An optional dial-up modem or cellular gateway is also available to provide connectivity if the network is down.  This results in reduced downtime and increased response efficiency so that IT incidents are resolved quickly and with minimal or no network disruption.

The modular design of SLC 8000 makes it the first of its kind, allowing you to simply add or swap modules to expand device port density and power supply, or introduce new interfaces such as USB.  This reduces the time required to develop and deploy new services, and the flexibility minimizes capital expenditures while offering easy scalability and upgrades.

SLC 8000 also includes robust security features such as SSL and SSH for data encryption in addition to remote authentication for integration with other systems already in place.  For added protection, SLC 8000 also includes firewall features to reject connection attempts or block ports and has NIST-certified AES encryption.

But don’t take my word for it … Check out this video of SLC 8000 in its own voice: