MOD Mission Critical achieves Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute partner status which will enable the most direct, private and secure reach to Microsoft’s full suite of office solutions through MOD’s PaaSPort™ platform. As a connectivity partner MOD enhances its ability to provide global businesses with dedicated connectivity from nearly anywhere in the world. Customers of MOD’s PaaSPort™ Platform can establish dedicated network connections between a company’s office, data center, colocation or other locations with speeds from 50 Mbps up to 100 Gbps. 

MOD’s PaaSPort™ platform simplifies the way companies buy managed, hybrid and multi-cloud solutions throughout the world. MOD continues to add capabilities to provide the most secure, direct and private connections. The partnership with Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute enhances MOD’s full suite of capabilities which is able to support nearly any company anywhere. MOD is focused on providing the most flexible and dynamic public and private solutions. MOD’s PaaSPort™ combines the company’s global partnerships within an easy to use platform to use interface, enables enterprises to shop and buy nearly any type of digital infrastructure solutions with ease and guaranteed SLAs to deliver the performance and reliability companies require. 

MOD’s PaaSPort™ platform provides customers with an easy-to-use interface to order multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud and private-cloud connectivity solutions along with a full suite of services specifically designed to enable multi-facility, multi-cloud (hybrid) and multi-network solution deployments world-wide.

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