MOD Mission Critical (MOD) is now providing their complete platform of services at Equinix’s International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers. This allows MOD clients to procure customized bare metal, managed colocation and managed network services both to the Internet and to the public cloud providers with direct unlimited access to its proprietary marketplace and service ordering platform, PaasPort™. With service options across IBX data centers worldwide, MOD empowers global companies with affordable and right-sized solutions while enabling them to access the interconnection ecosystem of the world’s digital infrastructure company.

MOD’s services are now available in all IBX data centers globally. MOD offers a low cost service minimum to allow companies to establish a their own service offering at Equinix facilities, including full access to Platform Equinix®. In addition to this, MOD’s customers also gain access to the company’s proprietary platform, PaaSPort™, which provides customers with an easy-to-use interface to order multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud and private-cloud connectivity solutions – nearly anywhere in the world – along with the ability to order an array of services specifically designed to enable multi-facility, multi-cloud (hybrid) and multi-network solution deployments worldwide.  

MOD’s PaaSPort™ combines the company’s global partnerships within an easy-to-use platform to enable the design, ordering, provisioning and management of solutions nearly anywhere in the world. MOD’s PaaSPort™ solution empowers businesses of all sizes all over the world to transform and adopt improved digital communications solutions. 

For more information about MOD Mission Critical, visit www.modmc.net or email info@modmc.net.