Deney Dentel, CEO at Nordisk Systems, says:
 The advent of the cloud has had profound effects on the computing world. With businesses moving their IT resources to various cloud-based services, the door has been opened for mobile app developers to embrace cloud computing as a platform.  The cloud has evolved from its early days of providing anywhere access to documents. Its become an entirely new way of storing, processing and distributing data.

Mobile app development is beginning to embrace the cloud computing movement as a method for delivering content. The majority of mobile apps still involve installing separate apps on each device, much like computers. If a user wants an app, they buy it, install it and run it. However, just as cloud-based applications have rendered this practice obsolete for most business apps, mobile app developers now have the ability to use the same system to deliver their product to consumers.

The advantages of delivering mobile applications through the cloud are similar to the benefits enjoyed by cloud-based computer software. There’s only one instance of the application to manage. All mobile users access the same set of data, eliminating issues with multiple versions of the app or broken features because the user didn’t download the new update. Developers can now roll out the newest version of their app instantly and every user will benefit from the enhancements without having to download and install an update.

Users will benefit from these same features. They’ll no longer need to download and install updates. New content will be available to them the instant it is released by the publisher. Users will enjoy seamless integration with their favorite social media platform.

Cloud computing mobile apps can also offer smoother integration with other cloud-based content, particularly social media and other sharing platforms. Multi-user features are can be easily implement within the app itself, as all users are already accessing the data simultaneously.

The future development potential of mobile cloud app is limitless. As new web technologies emerge, like HTML5, developers will move away from traditional methods of app development. They’ll no longer have to compile and distribute platform-specific executable to users. Mobile apps will become more seamless with other cloud-based content.

Author Bio:

Deney Dentel is the CEO at Nordisk Systems, Inc. Nordisk Systems is the only local Nexenta certified partner in Portland, Oregon delivers enterprise class storage with the amount of physical space that your data center possesses.