ilissa miller

Ilissa Miller, CEO, iMiller Public Relations, says: 

The rise of data complexity, velocity and volume has substantially increased the challenge of managing, developing and operating data centers for businesses worldwide.  For nearly three decades, Electronic Environments Corporation (EEC), a leading mission critical facility management company, has adjusted to the market evolution by expanding its service offerings, hiring highly experienced personnel and offering unique solutions to industry challenges.  Most recently, EEC announced the launch of its expanded Mission Critical Construction Services Division.

With customer service as the key driver of its expansion, EEC’s Mission Critical Construction Services Division gives customers access to comprehensive, highly integrated and unique facility services that allow them to achieve their Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) and Service Level Agreement (SLA) objectives.

In addition to heralding the expansion of its Mission Critical Construction Services Division, EEC also announced the appointment of its new President, Kevin O’Brien.  Mr. O’Brien has worked in the engineering and construction industry for over 30 years, and brings vast expertise in mission critical construction to EEC.  He has overseen roughly 13 million square feet of critical construction projects throughout his career with Structure Tone, Gilbane, Inc. and Bear Stearns.  As the new Mission Critical Construction Division President, Mr. O’Brien will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of division operations and growth.

EEC stands out from the competition by employing a unique, holistic approach known as Mission Critical Lifecycle Services (MCLS).  MCLS is deeply rooted in the ECC’s belief that data centers need to be viewed as a single, integrated system, rather than the industry norm of perceiving them as separate pieces.  By taking this approach, MCLS distinctively addresses all phases of the data center lifecycle.

By combing the expertise of its new executives with over 28 years of experience in mission critical management, ECC continues to propel itself to the forefront of the mission critical construction industry by improving upon all aspects of critical facility design, planning, implementation, construction, operations, maintenance, and assessments.

For more information about Electronic Environments Corporation and its Mission Critical Construction Services Division, please visit www.eecnet.com.