During a recent interview with Authority Magazine, Michael Morey, CEO of Bluebird Network, located in Columbia, Missouri, shared how he approaches and evaluates high pressure situations. Highlighting the early stages of his career from the inspiration behind his MBA, to those who gave him the encouragement to realize his current achievements, Morey’s approach is to help individuals stay focused on what is in front of them and stick to their plan. Morey’s foundation of honesty and consideration for those around him have built the framework for a strong network of connections and accomplishments.

In the face of adversity, Morey emphasized that a calm and collective approach to high pressure situations will help you focus on difficult tasks at hand, creating guidelines for an end-goal to pursue and act upon. Staying oriented and not spreading yourself beyond your limitations that deter your focus is essential.  Understanding the priority of everyday tasks builds trust and responsibility with your workforce and coworkers alike. Getting yourself in the state of mind to progress and think about the situation at hand carries forth the motive to be a contributor within your organization.

Morey’s values carry further than just money, “I’m okay with letting go of what’s best for me or my financial gain in order to vote for what’s best for the most people. I encourage people to vote, and I encourage them to vote for the greater good of the people. A movement I would love to see is a recognition that when you’re successful enough, not everything has to be about money.” remarked Morey. 

You can read the full interview with Authority Magazine here.