– Mike Hollands, Director of Connectivity Segment, Interxion, says:

Recently, there has been a significant uptake in Internet and cloud business growth as more and more businesses push their content, data and infrastructure into virtual environments. As a result, cloud is booming and is expected to grow more than 280 percent by 2014. Similarly, as Ethernet and 3G spread to the furthest corners of the globe, Internet traffic is expected to quadruple by 2015 to reach 966 exabytes per year. Customer expectations for high quality of experience over this infrastructure have grown just as rapidly. According to site optimization firm Strangeloop, companies face a loss of $2.5 million in annual revenue for just 1 second of delay in webpage load time.

Because of these high demands for performance from end users, companies across every vertical rely on the high speed of fiber backbone networks like TeliaSonera International Carrier’s global infrastructure. To ensure that its network is able to deliver strong performance metrics to customers around the world, TeliaSonera recently announced that it expanded its partnership with carrier-neutral colocation data center provider Interxion.

TeliaSonera looked to Interxion’s data centers to increase its infrastructure’s flexibility, availability and scalability in order to support the delivery of its bundled IP and hosting offerings to customers. TeliaSonera’s presence in nine of Interxion’s top-of-the-line data centers help the company meet customer requirements for high-quality Internet access and premium data center services, and enable the company to place infrastructure in locations that best optimize its solutions. In the end, this means faster and better service for end users.

TeliaSonera’s global network has actually been available from a number of Interxion data centers for many years, as part of Interxion’s many connectivity options for its data center tenants. With this renewed partnership, Interxion will increase its role in helping TeliaSonera respond to strong demand from customers and meet the challenge of delivering strong cloud and Internet performance.