The common goal of the various providers in the telecommunications and IT industries is networking connectivity. There are many ways of achieving a networking connection, but it’s often convoluted and complicated. Until now. Four companies have come together to create The Continental Edge: The Point of Intersection for Unlimited Interconnectivity. It is the easternmost direct interconnection point between Europe and the United States.

Four companies, focused on four key areas of services, have partnered to offer the first holistic solution that delivers best of breed colocation, connectivity, internet, and subsea cable solutions.  The partnership is the collaboration of companies brought to market collectivity by 1025Connect (for colocation); Aqua Comms (transatlantic subsea connectivity); DE-CIX (the leading Internet Peering Exchange), and Epsilon (a global network service provider providing on-demand SDN connectivity solutions).  This combination of this collaboration is the communications solution: The Continental Edge.

The Continental Edge isn’t just a place, it’s a solution. Within 1025Connect’s data center, global network operators converge exchanging data, content and solutions to enable global communications for businesses throughout the world. Access to and from 1025Connect is simple. The global network service provider, Epsilon, offers smart networking capabilities through its simple and powerful SDN platform, Infiny. Epsilon combines on-demand infrastructure, automation, web-based portals and APIs to give service providers friction-free access into 1025Connect while extending global connectivity across its dense network footprint.

1025Connect, sits within Long Island’s premier data center, is New York Metro market’s most direct route to Europe. 1025Connect delivers high-quality colocation solutions that are designed to enable a multitude of network interconnections under a single roof. The facility is one of the most important hubs for transoceanic connectivity and provides a variety of network connectivity options for customers.

The data center and colocation facilities are renowned for their ability to connect subsea systems to terrestrial networks. Their unique positioning at the Continental Edge enables it to provide diverse interconnectivity between Europe, the United States, Africa and Latin America with a high level of reliability and redundancy. The Continental Edge is also shifting the landscape of subsea interconnect in the New York / New Jersey metro area.

The Continental Edge is now interconnected. Accessible from either side of the Atlantic, Epsilon leverages the most modern North Atlantic subsea cable system available today, Aqua Comms’ AEConnect-1 Transatlantic subsea cable system. Aqua Comms selected1025Connect as its landing site because of its neutral interconnection facility that facilitates access to a variety of terrestrial dark fiber and lit service networks at cost effective rates. Having a presence at 1025Connect, customers are just a cross-connect away from DE-CIX New York, the largest interconnection/peering ecosystem in metro New York, New Jersey and now Long Island.

The unique Continental Edge services deliver colocation, connectivity, internet and subsea cable solutions. It offers many benefits, including the shortest subsea route between the United States and Ireland, the greatest interconnection ecosystem available on Long Island, the easternmost direct interconnection point between the United States and Europe, and connectivity to close to 200 unique networks in the New York market and over 800 global networks in Frankfurt.

1025Connect’s data center and colocation facilities serves as the central point where Aqua Comms’ AEC-1 cable lands and Epsilon and DE-CIX platforms are available.  Any customer connected to Epsilon’s leading SDN platform, Infiny, can now design, provision, and manage network connectivity from its dense European footprint across AEC-1, the shortest subsea route between the United States and Ireland. This consists of inter datacenter, cloud or internet exchange connections, including to the leading internet exchange. DE-CIX customers can leverage the company’s direct peering options or its GlobePEER Remote capabilities to reach more than 1,100 unique global networks with nearly 200 locally available directly from 1025Connect’s Long Island data center.

1025Connect’s data center and colocation facilities serve as the central point where Aqua Comms’ AEC-1 cable lands and Epsilon and DE-CIX platforms are available.