bjarne hald Stibo Systems head shot

Bjarne Hald, Chief Technology Officer with Stibo Systems, shares the following:

Stibo Systems has announced the availability of STEP Trailblazer, the latest version of the its award-winning MDM solution.  Like its predecessor STEP 6.0, STEP Trailblazer provides functional richness, strong data modeling and powerful workflow capabilities, while streamlining the process of aggregating and consolidating operational information from multiple sources and formats.  A major release for the Company, enhancements include a componentized architecture, out-of-the-box features for matching, linking and identification, extensive customer information support and a new auto-classification component.

Master Data Management

With unprecedented flexibility, STEP Trailblazer allows users to gain even greater and faster value from their Master Data Management (MDM) initiative using a single platform.  Long recognized as one of the leading independent providers for master data management according to industry analysts and influencers Stibo Systems continues to help teams manage master data on a global scale.

“The Information Management technology landscape is cluttered with dozens of products promising to connect IT and business for master data management confusing what is real or just a vision.  Stibo has brought forward with STEP Trailblazer a new approach to master data management that helps meet the needs of business and IT to gather, manage and share product, customer, supplier and other information assets across the enterprise into a single platform,” said Mark Smith, CEO & Chief Research Officer of Ventana Research.

STEP Trailblazer Enhancements Allow Users to:

  • Access Innovation: A new componentized architecture makes it possible to install new components and quickly access new features to better support industry specific requirements.
  • Work Smarter: A highly intuitive new user interface enables role determined configuration that is user friendly, simple to use, and provides more space for business professionals to work within.
  • Match, Link & Identify: Existing features for matching and linking multiple records and identification of duplicate objects have been augmented with out-of-the-box features for composition of Golden Records, survivorship rules, and messaging to other enterprise systems.
  • Enhance Customer Information: Using a combination of matching and linking algorithms in association with business rules, disparate customer records that have been confirmed as referring to the same party entity are merged together to form accurate, high-confidence records of resolved customer entities; also known as Golden Records.  Golden Record data can be shared with consuming systems and can be transacted against in real time.
  • Support Complex Retail and Ecommerce Activity:
    • Enhanced auto-classification components provide the ability to specify rules for automatically classifying products into multiple classification hierarchies.
    • The new Google Shopping adapter in STEP Trailblazer makes it easy to generate feeds for Google Shopping, especially when used in conjunction with the new auto-classification component to maintain the hierarchy for Google Shopping.

“Over the last 30 years, Stibo Systems has helped teams in the manufacturing, distribution, retail, travel & hospitality and automotive industries manage master data on a global scale.  With STEP Trailblazer, our customers can leverage their product data and handle the complex workflows needed to reconcile product and cross-channel consistencies in order to meet their omni-channel needs,” said Bjarne Hald, Chief Technology Officer, Stibo Systems.