By Contributing Editor, Kathy Xu

American Tower provides a variety of wireless infrastructure solutions around the world, including towers, Distributed Antenna System (DAS) networks, backup power systems, project management, and site development services.

Jose Antonio Barradas Acosta is a Product Manager for American Tower, which he joined when it acquired RedIT and other assets from KIO Networks in October of last year. Since earning his degree in Telecommunications Engineering, Jose has had the opportunity to work with and manage high performance teams with a variety of different cultures for several companies, and specializes in global telecom and IT product development, consultancy and pre-sales solutions.

He says that American Tower’s infrastructure services position it strategically to meet the demands of increasing data traffic, particularly in Mexico and Latin America, where there is a shortage of the right kind of capacity.

“There’s a huge need for telecommunications solutions that are not just highly available, but on-demand,” Jose told Data Center POST in an interview.

Some of the challenges facing the industry are similar in every market, he says, but there are also some issues unique to Mexico’s developing infrastructure ecosystem. “As dark fiber reaches towers, that will have a huge impact on the regional industry, particularly for the managed services business model,” Jose comments.

In addition to the build-out of dark fiber, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is also important for enabling the industry to meet the demands of businesses.

“SDN and auto-provisioning are necessities today,” Jose says. “Service providers have to be able to offer robust SLAs and high availability. SDN is the key technology right now that increases the capacity of legacy and commodity telco services, and enables them to add value in general.”

American Tower will attend International Telecoms Week 2018, which will take place May 6-9 in Chicago, and Jose says that the event will present an important opportunity for the company to share its new capabilities in Mexico with the industry.

“A lot has changed for us and for the market,” he says. “We have a great portfolio for international carriers and wholesalers who need connection platforms, applications and solution within Mexico.”

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