Yogesh Agrawal, Vice President and General Manager, FileStore Product Group, Symantec (www.symantec.com), says:

Maintaining performance and scalability of storage systems while controlling associated costs are key challenges businesses face due to explosive growth of unstructured data especially in virtualization, cloud and archiving infrastructures.

Symantec FileStore N8300TM, the latest version of Symantec’s clustered, Network Attached Storage appliance is designed to help customers address business challenges associated with building virtual environments and cloud storage, and managing large volumes of data while controlling associated storage costs. With linear performance and scalability, FileStore N8300 is positioned to address even the most demanding file serving and emerging web-based services. It can be configured to survive multiple node failures, ensuring the high availability of data and continued uptime of data operations with redistribution of workloads across clusters. FileStore N8300 is modularly scalable and can scale up to 16 active-active nodes, up to 256 TB of file system capacity, and supports 1.4 PB of total storage on the backend. The fully redundant connections between clustered nodes and back-end storage arrays help to avoid performance bottlenecks. The system may grow, shrink, or be reconfigured, all online and without downtime or interruption to business operations and built-in replication ensures the non-disruptive operations in case of a disaster.

FileStore N8300 is VMware-certified and enables organizations to fully benefit from their virtualization investments with independent server and storage scaling, efficient provisioning of virtual machines and advanced storage optimization capabilities. Additionally, FileStore N8300 offers organizations simplified manageability of their storage infrastructure from within VMware vCenter or with a View plug-in.

FileStore N8300 also natively integrates with other Symantec products to provide a holistic solution for effective storage and management of data. FileStore N8300 provides automatic storage tiering with Veritas Storage Foundation SmartTier feature, malware protection with Symantec Anti-Virus and faster backup through integration with Symantec NetBackup. In addition, FileStore N8300 and Symantec Enterprise Vault provide an ideal storage infrastructure for end-to-end archiving.

To learn more about Symantec FileStore N8300, visit the FileStore N8300 Product Page at http://go.symantec.com/filestore.