Kiarash Jahangiri, CEO of MULTACOM, Discusses the Company’s Unique Approach to Network and Colocation Services

By Contributing Editor, Kathy Xu

MULTACOM is a Los Angeles-based organization that delivers colocation, dedicated servers, and VPN solutions to businesses in Southern California around the world. Its primary data centers in downtown LA allow for maximum scalability with advanced network interconnectivity. In addition, the company provides a full suite of network management services for small to mid-size service providers in the United States.

Data Center POST recently spoke with MULTACOM’s Chief Executive Officer, Kiarash Jahangiri, about the company’s unique approach to interconnectivity and network solutions as well as the ways it ensures security against the potential threat of cyberattacks. Prior to his position as CEO at MULTACOM, Mr. Jahangiri served as Chief Technology Officer at several other firms in this space.

Data Center POST, Kathy Xu (DCP-KX) Question: MULTACOM’s slogan is “We Make the Net Work.” Can you tell me more about what that means to you?

MULTACOM, Kiarash Jahangiri (MC-KJ) Answer: The internet as we know it has evolved into a necessary commodity for the success of enterprises across all industries. MULTACOM is delivering network and colocation services that are expertly engineered and continually managed to go beyond generic solutions and meet our customers’ every need.

DCP-KX Q: What is unique about MULTACOM’s data center services?

MC-KJ A: MULTACOM always puts the network first, and we never cut corners. While many providers focus on cost, we strive to ensure the best peering performance for our customers. In addition, with MULTACOM, enterprises aren’t forced to choose between the customizability of small network services providers and the scalability of hyperscale providers. Our solutions are highly scalable, providing customers with customized, flexible services that are right-sized to their needs and able to scale up or down quickly and easily. MULTACOM also uses network optimization software to analyze data traffic and ensure customer data is taking the best route to maximize network performance at absolutely no additional cost.

DCP-KX Q: DDoS attacks are happening with greater frequency. How does MULTACOM protect its customers from this threat?

MC-KJ A: MULTACOM has a dynamic scrubbing system that detects potential threats and filters unwanted traffic in the event that a DDoS attack occurs. This unique proprietary software recognizes the ‘fingerprint’ of the attack and uses that information to stop it in its tracks. By determining the DDoS attack’s signature, the software can use cutting-edge filtering technology to protect the network while ensuring it remains operative. This avoids typical issues with commonly used dynamic systems today, such as negative impacts on VOIP and video streaming commonly seen with DDoS protection.

DCP-KX Q: You put a great deal of emphasis on the experience and expertise of the MULTACOM staff, as well as their rigorous training. Why do you feel this is so important to your business model?

MC-KJ: At MULTACOM, it’s important to us that we are responsive to our customers, providing expert service whenever and wherever it’s needed. Our engineers are available 24-7-365. They typically respond within 10 to 15 minutes of any inquiry and are able to start resolving client issues within that time. In addition, what’s unique to our business model is that we don’t have dedicated salespeople. Rather, our engineers handle sales as subject matter experts that can guide customers to procure the services that best suit their individual needs. We strive to resolve even complex issues faster than leading providers.

All MULTACOM technical hires, regardless of experience, are also required to endure a rigorous training process that lasts up to a year before they are permitted to provide unsupervised customer support. This comprehensive training is designed to educate our team about the latest technology as well as our unique best practices and policies that are specifically designed to ensure the highest quality service.

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