Originally posted to RagingWire’s Blog by James Leach.

The Dallas / Fort Worth region is one of the top data center markets in the U.S. and growing fast. According to the recent Data Center Frontier Special Report on the Dallas Data Center Market, the Dallas/Fort Worth region has 275 megawatts (MW) of commissioned data center power and 200 MW in the pipeline.

RagingWire is part of the data center boom in North Dallas. We are planning to open our Dallas TX1 Data Center on April 18, 2017 as the first phase of a 1,000,000 square foot (sq. ft.) campus with 80 megawatts (MW) of power on 42 acres of land. The TX1 facility has 16 MW of power and 230,000 sq. ft. of total space, 118,000 sq. ft. of raised floor, 10,000 square feet of customer office space, and 28,000 sq. ft. of customer amenity space including a conference center, meeting rooms, and a gym. If you are interested in attending our grand opening, please request your invitation.

Like most successful colocation companies, RagingWire has a proven design that is the foundation for our data center portfolio. However, to build a great data center, the design template must be tailored to the unique aspects of the site and location. This was certainly the case for RagingWire in Dallas. Here is the list of critical items we believe make a data center “Texas Ready.”

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