Originally posted to LinkedIn Pulse by Ilissa Miller,

The increasing rate of digitalization has led to a demand for new interconnection solutions and services. Peering is still the main interconnection driver at Internet Exchanges, but the service landscape is evolving. To choose and to implement interconnection technologies, you need a solid understanding of the terminology and technologies that can help you to future-proof your business.

To help you to navigate through the digitalized world, the Interconnection Playbook, produced by Sean Patrick Tario, Christian Koch and Jim Davis, with support from Structure Research, is a comprehensive interconnection resource helping you to make sense of interconnection technologies and methods.

Learn how to leverage interconnection

The authors teamed up with network and interconnection providers – including DE-CIX – not just to explain the terminology of various products and services, but also to clarify the need for interconnection. For our part, we aim to shed light on market trends and to identify challenges that enterprises face in choosing and implementing their network architectures.

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