Data Center POST interview with Richard Greene, Managing Partner, Liquid Technology

By Contributing Editor Sarah Chamberlain

Richard Greene is Managing Partner for Liquid Technology, an industry-leading IT asset disposition (ITAD) service provider. As a founding member of the company, Richard has been instrumental in helping the company evolve into a trusted IT life cycle partner, data destruction specialist and recognized e-Steward Certified recycler. He began his career in the electronics industry, eventually serving as Director of Internet Security Services for Globix and finally establishing Liquid Technology. Armed with a deep expertise pertaining to asset liquidation and operational wind-down, Richard establishes Liquid Technology’s business partnerships and contracts, oversees international projects and facilitates company growth.

Notably, Liquid Technology recently opened a new facility in Chicago at 487 Thomas Drive, expanding their services beyond their original New York location to offer customers additional services and access to their IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) Solutions.

Data Center POST recently spoke with Richard about the company’s new Chicago location and what he wants the industry to know about Liquid Technology.

Data Center POST, Sarah Chamberlain (DCP-SC) Question: Tell us, why Liquid Technology chose Chicago as the location for your company’s new facility?

Liquid Technology, Richard Greene (LT-RG) Answer: There are a number of reasons why Chicago was selected as a strategic location for Liquid Technology’s expansion. To start, Chicago is our second largest market, which makes it a natural next step as we move beyond New York. IT Asset Disposal, known as ITAD, is also a critical market that wasn’t currently being fulfilled in the area, so we’re now one of the only local businesses specializing in IT asset disposition.

Asset retirement is one of the most critical steps in business operations now that we operate in a largely digital and technological world. Especially when we look at many of our customers coming from across FinTech (financial technology), trading, pharmaceuticals and other emerging sectors, data security and the protection of sensitive information is now a top concern. Establishing compliant and conscientious disposition processes closer to businesses in those markets ensures that our already carefully executed processes can remain even more secure.

DCP-SC Q: Can you explain how this Chicago facility benefits customers in the area?

LT-RG A: As I mentioned, we have a lot of security-focused clients. By allowing us to be closer to the clients we serve, our Chicago facility enables augmented chain of custody safety to ensure data is being held to the highest security standards, which is what our company is dedicated to. Beyond that, our Chicago facility enables us to deliver quicker turnarounds and offers us more capacity to process equipment, which in turn allows us to more efficiently provide cost savings and better return on investment to our customers. We’re expecting to process up to 10,000 pieces of equipment every month at this location.

DCP-SC Q: What would you like potential Liquid Technology customers to know about this facility?

LT-RG A: This new facility is a direct response to the growing importance and demand for ITAD services. In this cloud-dominated business era, more and more companies are leaving behind equipment as they shift their operational frameworks, which means that proper disposal is more critical now than ever before. As a trusted ITAD partner, now with the added benefit of this new facility, Liquid Technology can facilitate any cloud move and ensure that businesses are avoiding any costly missteps or compliance issues while still garnering the highest possible return on investment. We’re always working to meet the needs of businesses even as requirements and demands change, so we’re growing our capabilities with this Chicago location to help ourselves and our customers seamlessly keep pace.

DCP-SC Q: Will the opening of this Chicago facility create new jobs?

LT-RG A: It will! We’re proud to report that with this facility’s opening, we’re immediately creating both entry-level and senior positions that will benefit surrounding communities. We’re mainly opening up opportunities for engineers and recycling technicians. Plus, in the near future, we expect up to 15 new positions available.

DCP-SC Q: What, in your opinion, will be the most utilized Liquid Technology service in this facility?

LT-RG A: I think that our e-waste recycling and data destruction services will be very popular. Like I said, the cloud is augmenting processes across the board, but it’s also generating a lot of outdated or unnecessary assets that businesses now need to take care of. To add on to that, e-waste is becoming a growing issue for our environment as well, and legal regulations are growing stricter. This means that a growing number of companies need a lot more ITAD services and are facing more consequences if the process is improperly managed. To top it off, it can often be hard to find a trusted partner that will really be transparent about their services and keep vulnerable data secure.

At Liquid Technology, all of our services are created to take the guesswork and risk out of ITAD. Our solutions are e-Stewards Certified, R2 Certified, and ISO 14001 Certified to ensure that all local, state and federal regulations are met and to certify that waste is being ethically disposed of. Plus, with strategic asset resale, we are also devoted to helping businesses retain as much value from their assets as possible while they enjoy minimized risk and greater security throughout every step. As a result, I expect a lot of businesses to recognize the benefit our data destruction and recycling services can offer.

DCP-SC Q: Thank you for speaking with Data Center POST, Richard. To learn more about Liquid Technology and their host of beneficial ITAD services, please visit