Originally published to TelecomNewsroom.

Liquid Technology, an industry-leading IT asset disposition service provider recently announced that after a successful bid, they were chosen to spearhead the biotech startup Theranos’ equipment and asset retirement processes. The operation, which began shortly after Theranos announced they were to shut down, began with Liquid Technology completing a thorough site survey and inventory list. Once Liquid Technology completed these initial steps, the company offered Theranos a bid covering the cost of all IT assets and logistic expenses, together reaching tens of thousands of dollars.

Theranos began as a promising and revolutionary biotech company with a mission of reinventing the blood testing process, but soon experienced complications in their business strategy and concern from the media. After a widespread and thorough investigation and a subsequent discreditation, Theranos made the decision to close its doors in 2018. What Theranos was left with was a huge amount of lingering IT assets that could no longer be utilized by the company. As a result, the former multi-billion-dollar company sought a trusted partner in Liquid Technology, the IT asset disposition (ITAD) specialist, to ease complications and better navigate their technologies’ end-of-life processes.


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