Originally published on TelecomNewsroom

In recent years, the world has witnessed the digital industry not just grow, but come to dominate everyday life in most developed countries. Daily functions have become more reliant than ever on dependable connectivity. However, as is typical with a widespread industry growth of this magnitude, some regions don’t adapt as rapidly as others, for any number of reasons. Certain parts of Africa are a prime example of this, with approximately 22% of people across the continent having access to reliable connectivity. This begs the question; what can telecommunications enterprises do to bridge this digital divide, in a way that is also mutually beneficial to their business?

Unitas Global, the leading managed multi-service network and cloud access provider, and Liquid Intelligent Technologies, a pan-African technology group present in more than 20 countries, proudly announced their strategic partnership to create a mass network of interconnected data centres in the sub-Saharan African market. Together, the two companies better position themselves to meet the accelerating demand for versatile Cloud solutions in the region.

Unitas Global offers the first purpose-built platform combining a global network, Unitas Reach™, and automated intelligence, Unitas Nexus™. Unitas Reach ™ is connected to over 900 carrier-neutral data centers, providing cost-optimized network connectivity with the agility needed to scale quickly and support the growing demands of applications on network architectures, performance, and costs. The Unitas Nexus™ Marketplace platform partners with Unitas Reach ™, and enables partners and enterprises to easily design, price, and order these services and solutions. Through this unique method, Unitas Global enables enterprises to connect a ubiquitous edge to cloud services and applications everywhere, and aims to pave the way for further growth in infrastructure. 

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