On an episode of The Interconnect Hub Podcast, Tom Brown, President and CEO of DataGryd, along with Art Valhuerdi, senior vice president of operations, discussed a common issue concerning data centers: power.  More specifically, compute power cost increases.  According to AI Impacts, computing power costs increased by a factor of ten roughly every four /five years over the last quarter of a century and the upward trend continues.

While Tom and guests discussed power, it was DataGryd’s partnership with NYI that prompted the discussion.  As a guest on the program, Phil Koblence, COO and co-founder of NYI addressed power concerns while sharing the company’s partnership and ability to provide limitless connectivity, flexibility, and scalability enabled through the DataGryd and NYI partnership.

A Closer Look at the NYI and DataGryd Partnership

NYI is a trusted infrastructure partner delivering managed services, colocation and hybrid IT solutions to companies in New York and the Chicago markets.  NYI has been operating and supporting businesses in New York City since July 1996. The company offers variety of services for enterprises including firewall management, managed colocation and connectivity solutions to hundreds of carriers, ISPs, content and cloud providers through its facility. The company also owns and maintains its own network in order to provide customers a customized turnkey managed network experience. This ultimately allows the customers to focus their efforts on their own core competencies, explains Koblence. For both Brown and Koblence, the partnership between DataGryd and NYI comes as natural one, as each of the services from one company complements the other.  In New York City, NYI and DataGryd are located in the same building, 60 Hudson Street. Truly complementary in nature, DataGryd provides private data center suites and large space data warehousing solutions whereas NYI can support those needs with managed services, networking and connectivity solutions as well.  The partnership assures holistic service capabilities can be delivered regardless of how much space/power a company may need.

Aside from having services that complement each other,  DataGryd and NYI make a natural partnership for a few other reasons as well. To begin with, a key benefit is the interconnection capabilities between the companies and managed abilities offered by NY.  This enables the companies, together; to meet nearly any enterprise business requirement and connectivity need as a seamless solution. The connectivity infrastructure enabled by DataGryd and NYI offers access to over 300 network providers, capable of meeting nearly any customer need. This also addresses the challenge Brown has mentioned in previous episodes about interconnection limitations, as this allows the companies to collectively provide a solution and allow that flexibility to customers. “The partnership essentially provides the best of both worlds,” says Koblence.

To learn more about DataGryd and NYI’s partnership you can listen to Episode 3 of The Interconnect Hub or visit http://www.datagryd.com.