Originally published to TelecomNewsroom

Even as investments in Europe’s data center and digital infrastructure markets remain at a record high, demand is still notably outpacing the industry’s provisions. To unlock the digital economy’s full potential in the region, even greater levels of investment for data centers, networks, underlying infrastructure and efficiency remain a necessity.

These are exactly the issues that KickStart Europe, the annual strategy and networking conference on trends and investments in technology and digital infrastructure, aims to tackle. KickStart Europe is an initiative by Digital Gateway to Europe, and is powered by founding partners Vertiv, Unica Datacenters, NIBC, Caransa Groep, CBRE, ICT Room and Development Agency Noord-Holland Noord & Agriport A7. Bringing together an array of industry professionals and cognoscenti, KickStart Europe explores the emerging trends and technologies that are shaping the digital industry and the digital infrastructures of cloud, connectivity and data centers. At its core, the KickStart conference is a venue for critical thought leaders from the digital infrastructure industry, and their surrounding ecosystem, to share trends, solutions, ideas and opinions.

This year, KickStart Europe 2019 will be taking place on January 15 at RAI Amsterdam. On the eve of the event, January 14, an informal pre-conference reception will be held. During the conference, attendees will have the opportunity to view a plethora of panels and talks on a range of topics including European data center market and cloud market outlooks, smart grids and power challenges, the digital impact of Brexit and more. Those who wish to attend can register here. Guests are encouraged to meet, discuss and network with fellow industry professionals. The full list of attendees can be found here.

In addition to the knowledge shared at the conference, the KickStart Outlook report will also be published on January 15 in Amsterdam, during KickStart Europe 2019. The report discusses how cloud and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are driving the growth of hyperscale, datahubs, regional and edge data centers and submarine and land fibers. Overall, the data revolution has accelerated growth across all industries and the digital economy has become primary contributors to the world’s GDP. It is now clear that strong data center and network infrastructure is key to such a thriving digital economy. As current infrastructure is struggling to keep up to properly support an evolving digital economy, KickStart leverages talent from across the industry to facilitate solutions for this critical challenge. For additional information on this year’s event, please contact Judith de Lange at jdelange@digitalgateway.eu, phone nr: +31 (0)20 30 37860.