Ryan Pope, product manager for Americas at 2X (www.2x.com), says:

2X Software produces virtual computing solutions that make it possible for users to utilize applications from the datacenter remotely. By centralizing their users’ access to enterprise apps, administrators can both secure their network (by restricting outside access to a single point of entry) and simplify administration by making patches and updates much easier to administer. Since concurrent users can commonly use datacenter applications rather than relying on individual license, the resulting software license savings can also be significant.

Because of its multiple benefits of simplifying administration hassles, cutting licensing expenses and vastly improving datacenter security, application and desktop virtualization should rank high on every administrator’s priority list.

Most administrators can see the conceptual benefit to application and desktop virtualization, but balk at both the cost and complexity of rolling out a workable solution. With terminal servers already in production, administrators find it troublesome to alter application access to their users without hampering existing processes and organizational productivity.

The key to an effective virtualization rollout is to find a solution provider that can offer an effective solution in a simple, straightforward way, at an affordable price. 2X products strive to meet this standard by licensing per server rather than per user, making the solution highly cost-effective for enterprise installations, and by using an extremely simple, straightforward product interface for easy administrator control. Administrators should ask themselves whether they’re willing to pay a hefty premium for well-known industry standard solutions, or whether they can choose an effective competitor to channel surplus IT funds to other projects.

Whereas only a few companies used to rule the desktop virtualization space, administrators now have many alternatives from which to choose? If choosing a high-price standard solution, make sure that the solution will provide you with the return on investment you would require for the purchase. At 2X, we believe that enhanced features can be provided simply and extremely affordably, and would be happy to provide free consultations to administrators wondering what might be best for their environment.