– Kevin J. Smith, Vice President & General Manager, Cloud Business Unit, FrontRange, says:

FrontRange is by no means a new contender in the IT Service Management (ITSM) industry. A pioneer in the Service Desk and Service Management markets, founded in 1989 and currently managing millions of service interactions a day for more than 15,000 customers around the world, we’ve witnessed many key changes in the industry with one of the most recent—and most disruptive—being the rise of cloud applications over the past half-decade or so. As we quickly came to recognize the paradigm shift that would occur with growing adoption of cloud alternatives to the long established on-premise IT product offerings, FrontRange invested heavily in the development of an all-new, cloud-based multi-tenant ITSM solution. Fast forward six years…with the upcoming release of our HEAT 2013 solutions, which will be generally available in late May 2013, FrontRange is proud to be the only provider of Hybrid ITSM solutions on an integrated built-for-purpose platform.
What does this mean for our customers? Hybrid ITSM solutions give customers the ability to choose how they will deliver service to the business, without forcing them to pigeon-hole their entire organization into an either/or choice between on-premise or cloud-based solutions that more often than not results in a compromise between considerations of cost and organizational efficiency. With hybrid, customers can choose to implement multi-tenant cloud-based ITSM to teams where it makes sense to do so—such as remote branch offices where there is lacking IT staff on hand and limited infrastructure—while still employing powerful on-premise solutions at larger, main sites where there are significant IT resources on hand and the necessary infrastructure at all times. Since HEAT 2013 utilizes a unified code base, its Migration Tool allows for easy bi-directional transitions to and from on-premise and cloud deployments. Put simply, HEAT 2013 will provide clients with a product that will give them the maximum level of flexibility and control over how they deliver outstanding service and support, while minimizing costs, maximizing efficiency, and compromising nothing in the way of security, performance, or scalability.
Flexibility is very desirable to IT decision-makers when evaluating their many ITSM options. Stephen Mann, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research recently wrote, [In my opinion], choice is important; in particular choice between delivery models and also choice over time. Its also becoming an increasingly high-profile part of ITSM tool vendor selling and marketing/messaging conversations. FrontRange in particular has raised the stakes on choice in terms of coining a new term Hybrid ITSM and making it core to its value proposition.”[1]
Going further in the pursuit of value, FrontRanges HEAT Service Management platform uniquely integrates voice and workflow automation with client management applications that are delivered on-premise and in the cloud.  New capabilities in HEAT 2013 include the ability to post messages directly to specified service teams, social groups and/or user profiles, one-click access to recent work or accessed items to improve service analysts productivity, tighter integration with external applications, web services API, IE10 Support and language localization, among other features.