Originally posted on Networking Plus

The outbreak of Covid-19 has driven many people to new levels of reliance on technology and the internet to help accommodate this new reality. Now more than ever, the internet enables users to stay connected, share information and improve collaboration. In addition the internet is now opening up more opportunities that allow users to carry out daily activities, through solutions such as teleworking, distance learning, telemedicine, video chat, streaming and remote gaming.

Over the past decades, the use of the internet has grown exponentially. Yet, this rate is growing significantly as we shift our daily lives into the virtual to practice social distancing. At GTT, we have seen a surge of roughly 30 per cent in total traffic across our internet network since the outbreak. This growth rate is typically experienced over the course of an entire year, rather than a few weeks.

The priority for network operators now is to ensure that they can manage dramatic increases in traffic. To understand how this works on a global scale, it’s useful to understand how the global internet works.

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