Originally published on CloudPOST.

CloudPOST Interview with Todd Twete, Vice President of Sales, KADENCE

Todd Twete is Vice President of Sales at KADENCE, a daughter company of Blackfoot Telecommunications Group that provides a range of adept OSS solutions and integration systems. Todd brings more than 20 years of national sales, marketing and executive management experience to KADENCE and is focused on corporate revenue growth through strategic business relationships and product development. KADENCE has expertly honed their solutions to allow any company to adapt and thrive in today’s market.

CloudPOST recently had the opportunity to chat with Todd about KADENCE’s flexible and intuitive approach and how they plan to maximize their time at The 2018 INCOMPAS Show.

CloudPOST, Kathy Xu (CP-KX) Question:  Tell our readers about your company: What do you do and what problems are you attempting to solve?

KADENCE, Todd Twete (K-TT) Answer: KADENCE is an innovative and nimble telecommunications software and integration services provider offering a suite of OSS solutions.  KADENCE Circuit Management (KCM) drives profitability by optimizing the management of special circuits, fiber facilities, trouble tickets and inside plant equipment.  Located throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, KADENCE partners include a diverse collection of ILECs, CLECs, tandems and MSO organizations.


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