James Patrignelli, Director of Northeast Sales for Liquid Technology, was featured on Episode 10 of The NEDAS Live! Podcast, hosted by Ilissa Miller, President of NEDAS, CEO of iMiller Public Relations and co-founder of the IND-DCA; and Steve Yapsuga, Co-Chair of the NEDAS Advisory Council and North American Director of Sales for Comba Telecom. As a podcast pro (James regularly co-hosts Liquid Technology’s own podcast program: The Tech Bench Podcast), James brings a breadth of knowledge about data security, maximizing ROI and more.

As an industry-leading IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) and e-waste recycling specialist, Liquid Technology has not only been offering the highest level of ITAD services since 2000 — it has been on a mission to spread awareness about the importance of eco-friendly, ethical end-of-life IT practices. This topic becomes particularly critical now that widespread changes from 5G, IoT and other next-gen capabilities are driving change across business — and, subsequently, driving rapid IT turnover. As James notes, “Any time there is a shift, a change or an upgrade… people are going to flock to that. What’s going to happen is they’re going to put all that new technology in place, and they’re going to have to rip out all their old technology.”

While replacing outdated or unusable technology may seem straight forward, tightening regulations, rising data security concerns mean that recycling and removing technology is becoming trickier and trickier. Any time IT equipment leaves an office, it becomes vulnerable due to the fact that private data is often still remaining within it. As James continues, he observes that companies may be able to say they erased their hard drives, but that proving it is also important. As a result, Liquid Technology preaches the importance of an auditable trail of paperwork as an additional key to successful IT asset disposal and digital transformation.

Furthermore, many companies may not be aware of the dangerous implications that improper ITAD has on the environment in the form of dangerous chemicals and metals making their way into surrounding ecosystems. Fortunately, Liquid Technology steps in to combat this array of concerns. Now, businesses looking to implement new technologies have a partner in the process that not only ensures they remain compliant both data safety-wise and environmentally, but that also offers certificates of erasure along the way and helps to recoup as much value as possible through strategic resale.

Throughout this episode, it is abundantly clear that while most think about the future of communications and connectivity through the lens of what is added, identifying the importance of what is being taken away is absolutely critical. When implementing new technologies, removing the old safely and ethically is half the battle. If not done correctly, businesses’ journey to the 5G future can be impeded by fines, lawsuits, or other events that impact their bottom lines or public trust.

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