– Interview with Steve Crawford, vice president, marketing and business development at Jamcracker.

  1. Congratulations on the new product announcement! Before we dive into the details, can you give us a quick update on what you have been seeing in the cloud services market recently?

Of course. CSBs and application marketplaces are becoming a central focus for cloud computing in enterprise organizations and IT as a Service (ITaaS) is becoming the standard business and operational model to help drive innovation, agility and efficiency. App stores and public cloud services have conditioned users to a new type of experience, setting the expectation for internal IT, which is ultimately driving ITaaS adoption.

  1. So how does JSDN 7.0 fit into this picture?

Our whole goal with JSDN 7.0 is to enable IT organizations to adopt ITaaS capabilities that can help them become agile, serving the needs of their employees and partners. JSDN 7.0 offers both solution providers and enterprises with instant marketplaces and stores, and allows them to tailor localized service catalogs to meet organizations’ individual needs. This will help IT streamline operations for enterprises and increase revenue for providers.

  1. How does this launch effect IT organizations and service providers looking to implement ITaaS?

With JSDN 7.0, we are focusing on the needs of IT organizations looking to offer ITaaS, and help them become agile service providers. In order to adopt this model, organizations need to manage both infrastructure services and application services delivery. ITaaS is perhaps the most transformational and challenging aspect for IT organizations. Getting to ITaaS, will require fundamental changes in how IT services are created, delivered and consumed.

  1. What are the new features that we should look out for in JSDN 7.0?

With JSDN 7.0, we really wanted to give our users an improved catalog where they have access to a self-service order fulfillment interface. The catalog enables bundling of public, private and hybrid service offerings. We have also included a hybrid cloud management console where users can compare, order, manage and consolidate billing across numerous providers like Rackspace and Amazon Web Services. We also now provide unified billing for all cloud services, integrating with several providers to give real-time metered data usage and consolidate tracking across multiple IaaS providers.

  1. When will JSDN 7.0 be available?

Jamcracker’s JSDN 7.0 is currently available.

  1. Finally, can you tell us what we can expect from Jamcracker going into the new year?

As we work with customers to help them become agile providers, we look forward to sharing some specific use cases that can demonstrate the value of following the ITaaS model. We expect a lot of growth in this area as businesses leverage the cloud to streamline their internal operations and our goal is to help organizations seamlessly make that transition.