Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Rich Miller.

FORTUST-Denver-Data-CenterIn a sign of its growing ambitions in the data center business, information storage specialist Iron Mountain has agreed to purchase Denver-based FORTRUST for $128 million, the companies announced today. The deal marks the continuation of the consolidation in the data center industry.

The deal expands Iron Mountain’s geographic footprint, adding 9 megawatts (MW) of existing data center capacity and expansion space for an additional 7 MW within FORTRUST’s 210,000 square foot facility in Denver. FORTRUST’s historic focus on high reliability and security aligns with Iron Mountain’s heritage in information storage and retention.

“With this acquisition – our first in the data center business – we are expanding our network to better serve target customers for whom our reputation for enhanced security, customer service and compliance are important factors in data center selection,” said Mark Kidd, senior vice president and general manager, Iron Mountain Data Centers. “This acquisition, together with Phase I of our Northern Virginia campus, will bring total capacity to more than 30 MW with the ability to expand to more than 70 MW across our data center properties.”

Iron Mountain has operated data center space for 20 years in its massive underground facility near Pittsburgh. In recent years it has expanded its footprint, building a new data center in the Boston market as well as its new campus in Manassas, Virginia. Between these projects, Iron Mountain expects to deliver 500,000 square feet of new data center capacity in 2017.

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