Originally published to TelecomNewsroom. 

IPv4.Global has announced Free Geek Vancouver as the winner of the second installment of their Good Netizen Awards. Free Geek Vancouver, a nonprofit community organization providing education and internet access while reducing the environmental impact of waste electronics through reuse and ethical recycling, was chosen through an open, online vote that began on Friday, September 28, and concluded on Monday, October 8.The Vancouver edition of the Good Netizen Awards coincided with NANOG 74 and ARIN 42 meetings that were held in Vancouver the same week.

IPv4.Global – the leading IPv4 address broker serving clients in every region, including the largest global network providers and cloud companies – designed the Good Netizen Awards to recognize and celebrate local organizations that have demonstrated exceptional “netizenship” throughout their communities. These netizenship efforts can include anything from engaging in the promotion of internet access to supporting and funding internet and technology education or contributing to open and ethical internet business practices. The finalists for this year’s Vancouver awards represented a range of notable contributions to internet stewardship.


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