James P. Bergeron, CEO at First To File (www.firsttofile.com), says:

Whether for business or pleasure, the iPhone and iPad have become two main staples in our technology diet. The apps associated with these products have simplified our lives and changed the way we do business. As smartphones and tablets are increasingly becoming the defector mobile office for managing emails, voice communications, IMs and video, we in the legal technology profession must innovate our products to keep pace with these novel ways in which people are communicating and receiving their information.

Responding to this paradigm shift, First To File®, has developed an iPhone/iPad app for the First To File Electronic File Room (EFR) that allows users full mobile access to their First To File documents. Having seen a proliferation of iPhones and iPads within our customer base, and in anticipation of rapid market change occurring in the legal industry, it became paramount to make First To File available on-the-go, and the iOS platform was the logical first choice.

With the iPhone/iPad app, legal professionals can now collaborate and review key documents on the road. The ability to access documents off-site enables a quicker turnaround and increased efficiency, so that our law firm customers can serve clients better and inside counsel users can access critical information on demand-when they need it most.

The powerful and fast mobile access is both intuitive and easy to use with an interface that is built specifically for the iOS. By accessing information on-the-go, users can realize substantial improvements in productivity and customer service, as well as enhanced collaboration with clients and colleagues by enabling anytime/anywhere document retrieval and review. Round-the-clock access to documents, case details, and document metadata is secure with no limit to the iPhone-compatible document types that are able to be accessed. First To File also anticipates releasing a version for Android later this year.

For more information on the First To File iPhone/iPad app, please visit http://www.firsttofile.com/?page_id=718w.

About the Author
James P. Bergeron, is the CEO of First to File, the leading provider of secure IP management services to corporations and law firms. He is a frequent speaker and writer on topics related to IP data management. Email him at jbergeron@firsttofile.com.