While we’ve all heard of the edge and the benefits it promises, the use cases and adaptability that comes with proximity and still being explored, and new applications are still cropping up. Of course, while focusing on the edge and how to best deliver on client and end-user demands, there are a multitude of factors to examine. At PTC’19, Fiberlight’s  CEO Don MacNeil engaged with the complex topic of the edge on a panel, titled Liquid Data Centers and Edgy Networks. Macneil shared the stage with other industry minds– Jack Waters, CTO and President of Fiber Solutions for Zayo, and Jeff Uphues, CEO of DC BLOX. The panel was moderated by Jonathan Atkin, Managing Director of RBC Capital Markets.

MacNeil provided listeners with critical points about use cases for the edge, including streaming and better technology interface for end users along with small cells and greater mobility for infrastructure. He also discussed how direct connection to the cloud is creating valuable use cases for Software-Defined Networking (SDN), promising heightened performance and security.

To watch the session in its entirety, please click here.