Ilissa Miller, founder and CEO of iMiller Public Relations, recently sat down with Avi Freedman, CEO of Kentik and Podcast host of Network AF by Kentik, for a podcast interview. The conversation focused on various aspects of the tech industry, including the growth of the internet and its impact on businesses, the importance of digital transformation, and the role of public relations in shaping company narratives.

One of the key themes of the discussion was the evolution of the internet and its impact on the world. Ilissa discussed how the internet has transformed the way people communicate, do business, and access information. She highlighted the importance of internet infrastructure and its critical role in enabling the digital economy. Ilissa also spoke about the challenges of managing the vast amounts of data generated by the internet and the need for more sophisticated tools and technologies to handle this data effectively.

Another topic of the conversation was digital transformation, which Ilissa emphasized as a crucial factor for business success in today’s world. She pointed out that many businesses are still lagging behind in their digital transformation efforts, and highlighted the need for companies to embrace new technologies and business models to stay competitive. Ilissa also emphasized the importance of employee training and upskilling in the context of digital transformation.

The conversation also delved into the role of public relations in shaping company narratives and reputation management. Ilissa highlighted the importance of transparency and authenticity in corporate communications, and stressed the need for companies to be proactive in their approach to public relations. She also discussed the role of social media in shaping public opinion and emphasized the need for companies to have a strong social media strategy.

Overall, Ilissa Miller’s podcast interview with Network AF by Kentik provided a fascinating insight into the tech industry and the challenges and opportunities it presents. Ilissa’s expertise and insights into the evolution of the internet, digital transformation, and public relations offers valuable insights for businesses looking to navigate this rapidly changing landscape and offers inspiration for young, budding professionals looking for a career in the digital infrastructure or mission critical industries.

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