Originally posted to NEDAS

On Episode 17 of NEDAS Live! Where Wireline and Wireless Meet, a podcast program produced by NEDAS, the featured guest Ray LaChance, Co-Founder and CEO of ZenFi Networks shares insights about his company, 5G network deployments, new network designs, his thoughts on IoT and much more.

For readers not familiar, NEDAS is a grassroots association focusing on issues at the intersection of wireline and wireless, examining ways to improve communications infrastructure. Podcast hosts Ilissa Miller, President of NEDAS and CEO of iMiller Public Relations, and Steve Yapsuga, Co-Chair of NEDAS and Director of Sales for the Eastern U.S. at Comba Telecom, discuss and explore innovative technology solutions with industry experts – episode 17 is no different.

So how did the pandemic affect ZenFi Networks? The company took about a month or two to adjust to the new working conditions (Zoom meetings, remote working) and when they did, they began to thrive in the Work from Home (WFH) environment.

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