Navigating recurring contract liabilities in the modern, rapidly-changing digital infrastructure industry can be a daunting task. However, one company is on a mission to change that. Meet MISO3, the leader in next-generation expense management technology. Through its machine-learning automated platform, MISO3 is disrupting the industry and transforming how businesses manage their recurring expenses. Recently, MISO3 has taken another significant step forward with the new appointments of Patrick Shutt as an Independent Board Director, and Mary Stanhope to its Advisory Board, adding a combined 50 years of experience and paving the way for exciting opportunities.

David Baule, CEO and Board Chair of MISO3, expressed his enthusiasm at welcoming Patrick and Mary to the team, stating that their many years of experience and extensive understanding of the industry will help the company to accelerate its growth. 

Patrick Shutt brings over 30 years of executive leadership and investment experience to his role on the MISO3 Board of Directors. Shutt is an entrepreneur and a well-respected telecom industry veteran who has led and/or contributed to over $750m dollars in capital market transactions. In his new role, he will work with other board members on strategic investment and growth planning, helping to execute the highest value-creation opportunities for MISO3.

Patrick commented on his new appointment, stating, “I have closely followed MISO3’s early development and believe the progress to date underscores its incredible future potential. I am pleased to join the Board of Directors at this critical point in the evolution of the business and look forward to working collaboratively to execute the highest value-creation opportunities.”

Mary Stanhope, meanwhile, will advise on go-to-market strategies as part of the MISO3 Advisory Board. Mary is a recognized executive in the technology sector with over 25 years of experience contributing to the growth of technology platforms and software companies. Mary’s expertise in go-to-market and growth strategy will be instrumental in advising MISO3 on effective growth strategies.

Mary commented, “I’m excited for the opportunity to work with an innovative company that is positioned to make the management of recurring costs strategic and easy. I look forward to leveraging my experience to provide the MISO3 team with strategic insight and a fresh perspective on effective growth strategies.”

The recent appointments of Patrick Shutt and Mary Stanhope to MISO3’s leadership team represent a major step forward for the company. With their extensive experience and industry knowledge, Patrick and Mary bring invaluable insights and perspectives to MISO3’s growth and development. As MISO3 continues to lead the way in next-generation expense management technology, these appointments set the stage for the company’s continued success and innovation.